About Colourmimi


In life, there is a need to be constantly inspired, either through sounds, or sights. Through Arts, lives are enriched, thoughts challenged and perspectives broadened. Visual Art goes a step further to make us understand history, form, and substance as well as to always stay in synch with our ever-changing world.

At Colourmimi we understand that Art for business and corporations – especially in public spaces – has suitability criteria that may be different from that of private collectors.

Hence, we offer many visual styles and provide a selection of quality works customized to enhance diverse businesses.


COLOURMIMI LIMITED is registered as a Limited Liability Company under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration code 762 871. We are proud to have strategic alliances with several prestigious Arts, Culture, Media, and communications Companies and humanitarian organizations.

Since 1999, Colourmimi has been in operation, firstly as a freelancing agency, then later as an enterprise. As a result of our innate passion for decency, Colourmimi in 2005 move the hub of its operations to the beautiful city of Abuja. We have constantly provided quality products and services to an ever-increasing and satisfied client base.

Techniques & Approach

We also explore many veins of art such as naturalism (including still life, landscape, figurative, and portraiture). Pop art, Abstraction (traditional and new), Conceptual art, Digital art (photography and graphic designs), and Sculpture (wood, stone, metal, mixed-media, stabile, and kinetic) just to meet the evolving preferences of our esteemed clients. We travel the world generating ideas and resources that represent a broad range of aesthetic approaches and visual styles.

Core Values

We have been and will remain guided by the following

. Freedom

. Innovation

. Value addition

. Credibility

. Decency


Practice and general experience have taught us that Art is not an end in itself, but a means of addressing and communicating life to genuinely and painlessly affect lives in diverse but simple, positive, and valuable ways.


Today’s world is increasingly being VISUAL INFORMATION. We intend to be part of this evolution by exploring multi-disciplinary domains of knowledge through the lens of creative concepts that will hopefully:

. Invite audiences to encounter ultimately satisfying ideas and images.

. Inspire critical reflection and appreciation for visual Arts and lots more.

. Offer insightful approaches to interdisciplinary studies and human development. 

Products & Services

We are concerned with the following Visual and Decorative Arts

. paintings: oil-on-canvas, paper works, wall arts, etc.

. Digital Media products such as Photography and design templates

. Framing and installation of pictures, Artworks, Portraits, etc.

. Printing, Packaging and Corporate/Item branding

. Signage and Advertising alternatives

. Interior Decor such as decorative pieces soft furnishings, wall finishing, etc.