Millicent Osumuo Onuegbu was born in Onitsha, Anambra state, and is an Abuja based contemporary artist and artpreneur. Inspired not by what is, but by what could be. Growing up, Millicent was influenced by her father – a self-taught artist who often decorated their family home with his designs. Millicent started drawing and painting at an early age, which meant that she was able to invest significant hours into developing her own unique style. She went on to study art at the Department of Fine and Industrial Art, University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state, where she earned a BA honours in Painting.


Millicent started her full-time studio practice in 2005 and is currently working out of her Coulourmimi Studio in Wuse 2 Abuja. Diverse personal and professional experiences have gone on to further influence her choice of topics, which in turn has led to a vibrant portfolio of exhibitions, collaborations and accolades. As an artpreneur, Millicent is concerned with the functionality of art. She engages in this conversation on functionality by transferring her art to the surfaces of over 15 different domestic items, in a bid to encourage the everyday consumption of art as an integral aspect of the human experience.


Through her work, Millicent has driven conversations on topics such as the state of the woman in modern society, the meaning of community, and the environment. She has however remained cautious not to claim herself an expert, neither has she limited her storytelling to any one landscape. In her evolving body of works, Millicent explores human existence as a holistic experience. Her approach contemplates the individual in themselves and in their surroundings, allowing her room to skilfully convey multiple themes.


Her particular passion for painting faces means that she often finds ways to reflect her thoughts on existence through the facial expressions she brings to life. Millicent is currently researching on the human experience in the context of poverty and development and is personally developing initiatives that allow her art contribute to the mental growth of the underserved and unreached in society.


To convey her messages, Millicent delivers fine art pieces across the spectrum from natural to abstract, and employs bold strokes with a generous application of colours to imbue her work with character and emotional wealth. The boldness of her pieces allow a subtle provocation that invites her audience to freely engage on otherwise sensitive or “taboo” topics.