The basis for my art is my passion for people, especially for women and children.


I have always made drawings and paintings of human faces and figures; figuratively translating non-human objects into figures – either literally, or in abstraction.

My rendition of artwork is versatile. I take up different possibilities to say what I have in mind. I employ acrylic on textured canvas, drawing with pastel, oil on canvas (Palette Knife Impasto), acrylic on regular canvas, and drawing with charcoal.


Although my works are delivered in different styles, the media that I adopt are purposefully well aligned as my response utensils for that internal call that draws and centres my zeal for humanity, their progress and their wellbeing..


I thrive on my potential to connect with people; either by making their photos, talking to them, reading faces- expressions and moods, or further conveying this connectedness on surfaces (paper and canvas).


Whilst painting I like dole out my statements in bold strokes of lines and colour. I believe that these avail my work of strong character, and that somehow, they do put across the mood, and emotion that I bear when I make art.


I am quite thankful to the universe for the gift of this opportunity endowed me, to be able to do what I do – conveying emotions and life through the human form. This is my passion; one that brings me great satisfaction indeed.


I am also interested in the cause for innovativeness in business, and especially in the ‘business of art’. I believe that resourcefulness with my art is very key, and this like the river should flow forth from me to everyone that I come in contact with.